The BAKRE Composter


Manufacturer and delivery costs

Advantages of the BAKRE panel

Instructions for assembly and use


The standard composter is available from all Homebase Ltd stores at £19.99 per pack of ten panels.

The BAKRE panels have bead and socket joints on either side which enable them to be locked together easily into a circular container for which these joints also provide vertical stiffening ribs. The container will be 80cm high and 67cm in diameter, making it easy to tip material into it. This wide top facilitates the stirring into the existing top layer of newly added material and the occasional mixing of the deeper contents with a garden fork.

The BAKRE panels are made from high-density dark green plastic, using recycled material whenever possible, and are 3mm thick. They provide the container with 80% of heat retaining solid area and 20% of perforations to ensure good aerobic conditions. temporary fence rental Columbia
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The process of decomposition is quite fast, except in wintry weather, and a peat like compost can be produced in six or seven months. The panels can be easily removed when the compost is ready.

Each pack of ten BAKRE panels is accompanied by detailed instructions of which a copy is given below. These show that a good level of domestic waste disposal can be achieved, so making a most useful contribution to the solution of a pressing national problem.

Paul Baker

Hon. Lt. Col. Royal Engineers