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Advantages of the BAKRE panel

The following advantages of the BAKRE composter arise in comparison with other composters:

  • It is produced in perforated panels with bead and socket joints any number of which can be joined together to make containers of whatever size is required
  • The standard pack of ten panels produces a circular container 80cm high and 67cm in diameter, making it very easy to tip material into it, to stir the top layers with a how when fresh layers are added or to give an occasional stir with a garden fork. The addition of garrotte is not required and the panels are easily removed from the finished compost.
  • Detailed instructions accompany every pack and these show what a wide range of kitchen and house waste can be composted with the usual garden waste
The panels are made from high density dark green plastic using recycled material when available with a panel thickness of 3mm. They have 80% heat retaining solid area and 20% perforations, which ensure good aerobic conditions. The production process is straightforward, the ten panel packs are economical to store and transport, being loaded 50 to a pallet which would have an all up weight of about 500kg (10cwt) and be about 1 cubic metre in size.