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Manufacturer and delivery costs

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Manufacturer and delivery costs

The panels are manufactured by G H Maughan (Plastics) Ltd. of Bella Street Industrial Estate, Bolton, Lancashire, BL3 4DU Tel: 01204 653 516 who have given the following delivery costs:

The factory gate cost of a standard pack of 10 panels is £11 pounds including VAT

The cost of delivering a lorry load of 22 pallets to London would be about £325, which is 30p per pack

The cost of delivering two pallets to London would be around £100 or £1 per pack

Further information with regard to supply and availability can be obtained from the wholesalers Stewarts Plastics Ltd. Stewart House, Waddon Marsh Way, Purley Way, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 4HS Tel: 020 8603 5734